Friday, February 5, 2010

Homemade Remedies

I’m always looking for homemade remedies that work. Wednesday , on Dr.Oz I learned you can use garlic for an earache. There are two ways that were mentioned. One was put a clove of garlic in your ear(Not too small-you don’t want it to get stuck) , cover with a band aid and let it sit there overnight. Another way is to infuse olive oil with garlic cloves, and use a few warmed (NOT HOT) drops in the ear canal.

Personally, I have used many homemade remedies and here are a few.

Aloe Vera plants for cuts and small burns. You just need to cut off a small shoot , slice it open long ways and rub it on the cut or burn.

Sore throats and cough : A spoon or two of honey works great when sore and a hot drink of hot water or tea, honey and lemon helps with coughs. (Honey is NOT recommended for children under two)

I was just told via an email, that you can put Vick's Vaporub on your feet, cover with socks and it will relieve your coughing. Has anyone tried this?

What are your surefire homemade remedies?

Enjoy !


  1. I've found raw garlic oil helps cuts to heal faster. I just slice the garlic and rubber it raw on lacerations.
    Raw garlic minced I use on sandwiches to help with high blood pressure. I like the taste too.
    I am researching more uses for garlic and good natural remedies.

  2. I have heard about raw garlic for high blood pressure too. Thank you for sharing other remedies.I want to try the garlic on cuts.
    Hailey's Dragonfly Garden