Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Must Sleep!

As some of you know, I now work at my regular job on 3rd shift. I believe I am getting use to it but my sleep patterns are still erratic. So, I thought I would share some personal information about creating an ideal bedroom when you have to sleep during the day.

First, I love my bed. I have a great mattress set that cost more than normal but wasn’t extravagant. When I chose it, I went to the store, spent a few hours making my decision by actually laying on all the beds. I took my time, trying them out a few times each once I picked my top three. Some people looked at me strange, but it allowed me to find the perfect mattress for me. Then I covered it with soft sheets, a fluffy comforter and many pillows.

Next, blackout curtains. This is a must if you sleep during the day. We subconsciously associate daytime with being active. So darkness helps. If you cant block out all the light, you may want to try a sleep mask.

Unwinding. I can’t come home and just go to sleep. I have to wind down. I do a few menial things around the house then go to bed. I am a TV watcher in bed. (I know they say you should not have a TV in your bedroom, but it works for me) I will relax, watch a little TV and set the TV timer to go off in anywhere from 20-40 minutes.

Cool air. Yes, you need cool air. Your body cools down during sleep so this will help you get in the mood, per se. And it prompts me to get all cozy with my quits and blankets.

Last but not least, scents. I spray my sheets with our Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Spray. It’s a crisp, clean, fresh lavender scent that is not overpowering but helps me to relax. And if I’m having a harder time than normal to go to sleep, I break out my Dream Pillow, the Dragonfly Peaceful Slumber Pillow and tuck it into my pillow case after I inhale it a few times.

What works for you? Please share!