Friday, June 11, 2010

Creating Your Perfect Sleeping Area

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It should be calming and relaxing. A good night’s sleep is very important. Slipping into sleep will be easier if you follow some simple advise.

Establish a bedtime routine and a schedule
Don’t eat in bed
Keep wall colors muted, warm
Use romantic or soft lighting
Play soft music to help relax you
Don’t watch TV in bed
Keep the room temperature comfortable at appx 65 degree Fahrenheit
Use blackout curtains if you need to sleep during the day or an eye cover
Reduce noise with carpeting and curtains
Keep clutter out
Invest in a good mattress
Invest in a good set of sheets and comforter
Buy good pillows

And if you have bad dreams or just need a little help getting over the edge, get a Dream Catcher or a Dream Pillow.

Sweet Dragonfly Dreams to All