Thursday, January 14, 2010

Free Things to do with the Kids This Weekend

We are all trying to save money but we also want to be able to spend time with our kids, or grandkids that is going to be memorable. So I came up with this list to help you.

Hailey , who is six , loves to do most of the listed activities and there is no age limit to any of them. Enjoy your family as much as you can as we never know what tomorrow will bring.

Have a family slumber party
Camp in your backyard
Play catch or Frisbee
Build a blanket fort
Blow bubbles (Look on internet for homemade recipes)
Climb a tree
Play hopscotch
Turn on the stereo and just Dance
Make a collage out of pictures from old magazines
Have a Tea Party and invite Dad
Have a picnic
Draw picture or color
Do puzzles
Make some homemade play dough and have fun with it
Play hairdresser, allowing your kids to do wacky things with your hair
Tell ghost stories with only candle light ( Age appropriate though)
Go for a hike or just a walk in your neighborhood
Learn sign language
Create poems
Have a family film festival allowing the kids to pick some of the movies too (Even if you have seen it 100 times)
Organize a neighborhood clean up or just pick up trash at your local park
Go bird watching
Let your children read to you
Teach your kids how to sew (Boys too)
Make a quilt adding in some outgrown favorite t-shirts
Start a family collection like stones, leaves, coins or stamps
Bake cookies or bread
Make a family cookbook
Start a family journal
Have a yard sale and use the money for something the whole family wants
Visit and elder person or someone shut in
Have an etiquette night and practice with a formal dinner and get dressed up
Do a scavenger hunt
Play Cards or a board game
Make crafts (There are tons of easy ideas on the internet)
Lay outside at night, and look at the stars. You can also use a telescope or binoculars
Tell stories. One person starts the story, then every ten seconds the next person jumps in and continues the story and you keep taking turns. It’s a lot of fun.

What do you like to do that is free or very cost effective?

Enjoy Today as Tomorrow is never Promised


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