Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cupcake Cones

Hailey will be 6 years old tomorrow! Where has the time gone!
Well, I’m in charge of making cupcakes for her class. I wanted something different that the kids would love, would be easy and that would make Hailey happy. She is very particular about things so I let her approve such things first.
While surfing youtube I found this great idea -cupcakes in ice cream cones!( if you click on title it will take you to the youtube video) I showed it to Hailey and it was a hit. They were so easy and fun to make and Hailey was able to help.
First Make a batch of cupcakes as you normally would. Then take a ice cream cone, fill with some candies. We used gummi bears as that is one of Hailey's favorites.
Next, peel off the paper of the cupcake, put some icing on top around the edges and invert the cupcake on the cone. Then add icing and decorate anyway you want.
(We didn’t add the additional cake on top like in the video, but they turned out great without it)
They are really great and Hailey is very excited about school tomorrow.


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  1. I will be making these yummy treats very soon. Thanks for this post