Friday, December 17, 2010

New Gift Wrapping Ideas

I love Christmas! And I love wrapping presents. But Im so busy all the time, I have a hard time thinking up new and creative ways to wrap my gifts. So I did a little web surfing and found some excellent ideas.

Here are the links to some very creative and easy ideas!

Zakka Life- Creative Gift Wrap
This blog also has some cute and easy Christmas crafts including a Dollhouse Christmas tree

Then jump over to the Childrens Nest for some really unique,easy ideas

Need a Gift Tag in a hurry? Grab two business cards, glue them together, back sides out.
Then you can write a message, glue a cutout to it or even a small picture of the recipient on it. Be creative. Then punch a hole in it, tie with a ribbon and your done!

Merry Christmas !
Enjoy yur holidays.

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