Monday, November 15, 2010

Soldier Care Box

This month we are sending the soldiers a box of Candy and Chips. I did a search for an Army group, from Georgia who wanted candy and found a few. We are sending this box to Chad , via, who is in Iraq. Its a unit of 17 men. ( its 17 men, not 8 as originally posted)

This box contains:
Lay’s Chips – Sour Cream and Onion
                   - Original Chips

Twizzlers Red Licorice

Jaw Breakers

A Cookie Tin

Dark Chocolate Rolled Wafers

Chamomile Tea


Vienna Sausages

Sunflower seeds

Carmel Cream Candy

Peppermint puffs

Sugar Free Single Drink Mixes

Wisp mini disposable toothbrushes with plastic baggies to put them in.

Last month we sent the soldiers a box of magazines. They were used and collected from family and friends. We didnt post because there was no real cost involved except shipping and we had received no donations via the site. We did not receive any donations this month either, but we had set aside some funds for this project from our profits.

Next month we would like to mail 2-4 boxes off. A box for men, a box just for woman and a least one box for a group that has dogs in the unit. We can not do this without your help. So, please donate when you order. One dollar will help if your budget is as tight as ours. And if you are not ordering, but still want to help , we do have a "donate only" button on the Soldier page.

You can also send your own box of goodies if you choose. Please go to , go to "where to send", pick an address, see what they need or want. Then go to the post office, get a flat rate APO/FPO box, fill it up, and ship.

They also state, they would like letters, as not many of them get them. They need encouragement and support.

This is a great project for a group to do too!

Happy Holidays !

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