Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Bus Driver

What Bus Drivers Mean to Me

Catherine Rogers

Do you know why bus drivers are special to me?
Isn't it plain to see?
Doesn't matter if you're big, tall or small,
They are there for us all!

Over highways, rural roads, and even under a tree,
Steering those big, yellow buses as safely as can be.
They will say it's not for the love of money
But for the children that makes our lives sunny.

If there is a friend in need,
Our drivers are willing to give indeed!
That is why bus drivers are so special to me!

School is almost out and its time to show appreciation for all the teachers and bus drivers. Please don't forget your bus drivers. School bus drivers have an extremely hard job. They have to drive huge vehicles, keep a bunch of unruly kids in line and follow safety precautions to make sure everyone arrives to school and back home again safely. Lets remember to show them your support with some simple expressions of thanks and appreciation at the end of this school year.

You could :
Give them a gift card
Children can draw them a picture
Make them a piece of jewelry from a kit
Put together a little gift basket
Give them a goody bag of sweets that contains Extra gum for going the extra mile, a 100 Grand bar as an appreciation bonus, Starlight mints because she is a shining star and Smarties candies for being so smart about road safety

No matter what your budget is, you can find a way to show your bus driver a little appreciation for taking care of your child safely.

Add a little note and deliver sometime in the last week of school. It will make their day!

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