Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We were interviewed recently for a feature spot coming soon on Woman Making Moves, http://www.womenmakingmoves.org/ and one of the questions was :
How do you keep yourself motivated?
My reply was, I read the reviews of my products. My reviews show me I’m on the right track and people do appreciate what I do. Right now there are three active blog reviews about my products.




Every week I get letters from customers who tell me how much they love my products or a customer who is on twitter will tell me the wonderful things my soaps did for their skin. Another way I keep motivated is by watching my dreams unfold before me. I have always wanted to create something that would help people and now I’m living that dream.
I also want to leave my granddaughter Hailey a Legacy and I hope besides the journals I leave her, that I can leave her a successful business that was build on trust, need and love of what I do.


  1. This blog was a wonderful read...Very inspirational and great insight into what it takes to make a successful business. Believe in yourself; believe in what you're selling which is essentially a part of yourself! Best of luck!

  2. ...wonderful post. I always tell my friends and family... If you're not doing what you love. It hurts to see others who are...and you cleary love what you do.