Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mule Camp Market Fall Festival

We decided to try a local Fall Festival called Mule Camp Market. What a great time we had. Our only concern last weekend seemed to be the weather, but Mother Nature kept us in mind and it didn’t rain until Monday!
Hailey was off school on Friday, Oct 9th so she helped me sell soaps and was part of our TV debut. We were interviewed live on Gainesville Channel 18. I was very nervous as I have never done a TV interview but we heard it went really well. (We hope to see a copy of it soon). It also turned out to be very successful, as many people stopped by to buy our soaps after seeing us on TV.
It was a lot of work to get ready and to set up but I must say it was well worth it as we met many people in our area and made some new friends.
We debuted three new soaps and we have decided to keep all of them.
We have added :
Butter Bar, Australian Pink and Raspberry Vanilla Oat.
We also conducted a drawing for a $25.00 gift certificate and the winner is....... Julie Hayes from the Atlanta area!

Til next time, Enjoy!


  1. I'm glad it turned out well! Sounds like tons of fun. I love your soaps!

  2. All your soaps sound like they smell soooo yummy!!The peppermint soap would make and excellent Christmas gift....but I am really interested in the new one~Dragon's Lair (very unusual).
    I love handmade soaps. Thanks for sharing your blog and friending me on Twitter